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Every now and then I connect with an independent bookstore.  This time it was Quail Ridge Books located in the North Hills of Raleigh North Carolina.

Quail Ridge Books is promoting November 30, 2019 as Small Business Saturday.  But for those who work for and run independent bookstores, everyday is Small Business Saturday.

So support your local independent bookstore, support reading, support your community and yourself.


Here is the Quail Ridge Books link to my novel THEY, a biblical tale of secret genders


To learn more about my novel THEY, a biblical tale of secret genders (published by Adelaide Books New York/Lisbon), click here.

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Last weekend, my partner Barbara and I went to the DVD release party in Philadelphia of Sharon Katz and The Peace Train.  It was an excellent concert, complete with dancing.  It was a large extremely diverse (across the board).  Sharon and her partner/producer Marilyn are from South Africa where they began The Peace Train — taking kids of all races across the country on a train.  They did the same thing in this country just this past year and made a movie about the original Peace Train and another movie about the trip they just took.  One young person who was on The Peace Train with them talked about how empowering it was to meet Americans all of types who sang and danced with them.  Marilyn who introduced Sharon and the band said that she worked hard for the Hillary campaign and was very broken hearted but that now is the time to reach out across the divide to let people get to know us.  Diversity is fun! The Peace Train attests to this.  Below are some photos and some short YouTube video clips of The Peace Train. Enjoy!























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We attended the grand opening of the new Mt. Airy Art Garage (their new pop-up location done, I believe in collaboration with Mt. Airy USA across the street from the Post Office where my partner Barbara worked and retired from).

MAAG is a great community hub — an excellent place to run into old friends and explore the world through art. For more information go to http://mtairyartgarage.org/

I took these photos and thought I would share them with you.






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Last Sunday in my neighborhood was an annual get together called Mt. Airy Day.  I’m a bit of a hermit — staying in and writing and not answering the phone — so when I do get out, I really enjoy it. Here are some photos from my day.

The first photo is of an incredible singer named Bethlehem.  I know Bethlehem from the Trio Café on Germantown Avenue.  The Café is very much like Gloria Naylor’s Bailey’s Café with a feeling of magic and community in the air. The food is great, too!  It is next door to the post office that my partner retired from, so she usually knows many of the patrons in the café.

When I was at Mt. Airy Day, I found out from Cynthia Bradley, also a café frequenter and the assistant moderator of the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Restoration (on Stenton Avenue in East Mt. Airy) that Bethlehem is the granddaughter of long-time church member Marion Napper.  Small world!  Bethlehem’s voice is, well, heavenly!  And yes, that is her real name.  Her father picked it out of the Bible.

Bethlehem singing on stage at Mt. Airy Day Philadelphia

Barbara and Mu at Mt. Airy Day

There were old friends and new.  There’s Mu — and look in the audience (in the photo below) is Vanessa.  We’ve known each other forever it seems here on planet earth, in Philadelphia, PA.  And there in the background is the apartment building where I lived when I first got together with Barbara.  We used to come over to Cliveden Park and make snow angels.

audience at Mt. Airy Day, Vanessa

blue balloon floating in sky at Mt. Airy Day

dog on leash at Mt. Airy Day in Philadelphia

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