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Last Sunday in my neighborhood was an annual get together called Mt. Airy Day.  I’m a bit of a hermit — staying in and writing and not answering the phone — so when I do get out, I really enjoy it. Here are some photos from my day.

The first photo is of an incredible singer named Bethlehem.  I know Bethlehem from the Trio Café on Germantown Avenue.  The Café is very much like Gloria Naylor’s Bailey’s Café with a feeling of magic and community in the air. The food is great, too!  It is next door to the post office that my partner retired from, so she usually knows many of the patrons in the café.

When I was at Mt. Airy Day, I found out from Cynthia Bradley, also a café frequenter and the assistant moderator of the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Restoration (on Stenton Avenue in East Mt. Airy) that Bethlehem is the granddaughter of long-time church member Marion Napper.  Small world!  Bethlehem’s voice is, well, heavenly!  And yes, that is her real name.  Her father picked it out of the Bible.

Bethlehem singing on stage at Mt. Airy Day Philadelphia

Barbara and Mu at Mt. Airy Day

There were old friends and new.  There’s Mu — and look in the audience (in the photo below) is Vanessa.  We’ve known each other forever it seems here on planet earth, in Philadelphia, PA.  And there in the background is the apartment building where I lived when I first got together with Barbara.  We used to come over to Cliveden Park and make snow angels.

audience at Mt. Airy Day, Vanessa

blue balloon floating in sky at Mt. Airy Day

dog on leash at Mt. Airy Day in Philadelphia

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