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Janet Mason reading poetry at PII Gallery

Friday night, I was part of a group poetry reading at PII Gallery in Old City.  The marathon reading was organized by poetry maestro Dave Worrell who brought together 17 poets who read a total of 47 poems.  As the poets moved back and forth from room to room, I mentioned to fellow poet Bill van Buskirk  that this is good for poets — to be together to be moving. Bill replied that he agreed: “if the poets get in a rut, then what is the world coming to?”    Below are some photos of the event and a short poem that I read in honor of the artwork on the walls. 

Mike Cohen reading poetry


(from  a woman alone)

she colors her own fields
wide open with purple
and yellow bowing
to a prism of green
swept away
in a stampede
of poppies
a woman alone is
wild and red.

–Janet Mason

Barry and Ruth and Horses

Lester Mobley poet

Poetry marathon at PII Gallery

Sarah Gray Beal reading poetry from phone

poster in window of PII Gallery

Dave Worrell at PII

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