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C903602C-5D7B-4D09-B3C0-7B16D466C828Happy fat (vegan) Tuesday!

After a vegan lunch (at Malelani’s Cafe on Germantown Avenue) we stopped at a newish bakery (The Frosted Fox also on Germantown Ave.) to see if they had vegan cookies. They do carry a small selection but they were sold out.  That they carry vegan cookies at all was something that I took as good news. However, no vegan cookies were available for us.  But the vegan lunch at Malelani’s Cafe was wonderful.  Malelani’s is a Greek restaurant with healthy food and several vegan options.

Since going to a plant-based diet last fall for health reasons, I’ve taken off about twenty pounds, feel great, and always feel full.  Weight loss was a side benefit for me as were a number of other conditions that magically went away  I also wrote a novel with a talking dairy cow as a narrator. (More about that later.)

In researching Fat Tuesday I found that it has religious origins — the feast in preparation of the fasting period called lent that Christians celebrate. (I suspect that before that, it was a tradition the pagans celebrated.)

Everything is reinvented.

So happy vegan Fat Tuesday!




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